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The story of Phrixus

In Homer's book, the Iliad and Odyssey, it tells a tale of Jason and the Argonauts.  One of Jason’s popular adventures is his obtaining of the Golden Fleece, guarded by a dragon that never sleeps.  What is not common knowledge is the significance of the Golden Fleece and where it came from.

In Greece, there was a majestic city called Orchomenus. The ruler of this city was a king named Athamas, and his queen was a beautiful cloud nymph named Nephele.  They had two children, Helle and Phrixus. 

Nephele, was a cloud nymph.  After living on the earth for many years, she grew tired and longed to return to the clouds where she belonged.  After she could bear it no longer, she left her family behind and returned home among the clouds. 

Once King Athamas learned that Nephele had left, he divorced her and later married a woman named Ino who used to be the queen of Thebes but was banished by the goddess Hera.

Over time, Athamas and Ino had their own children, but when Athamas proclaimed his first born son Phrixus to be the rightful heir to his throne, Ino became jealous and plotted to have Phrixus killed.  Her evil plot was to have her most trusted slaves roast all the grain so that no wheat or corn would grow that year.  She then bribed many to say that all the gods were angry because Phrixus has been declared heir to the throne of Orchomenus. Ino demanded that he be sacrificed to the Gods.

There was much protest from the king and the people of Orchomenus.  Eventually, due to hunger and evil rumors spread by Ino and her trusted slaves, they had no choice but to sacrifice Phrixus.

At the moment Phrixus and his sister Helle were to die, they were rescued by their true mother Nephele, who took them away on a cloud.  As they flew to safety, Nephele brought with her a magic ram with golden hair that could fly.  She instructed her children to ride upon the back of the ram and go to Colchis, the land ruled by king Aeetes, and seek his protection.

Unfortunately as the two flew through the air on the back of the golden ram, they ran into a monstrous storm.  Helle became frightened and fell off the ram to her death in the waters below.  Although sadden by the death of his sister, Phrixus knew he had to go on.  Eventually he came to the land of Colchis, where king Aeetes accepted him and gave him protection.  Phrixus then sacrificed the golden ram to Zeus and gave its skin to king Aeetes. So Impress was king Aeetes by Phrixus that he gave him his daughter Chalciope in marriage and they lived out their lives in Colchis.

The king hung the golden skin of the ram from an old oak tree in the grove of Ares, and set a fearsome dragon that never slept to guard it night and day.  It laid there for a thousand years and its magic powers brought prosperity to all that lived in the land of Colchis, and Aeetes soon became one of the richest of kings of that time. 
Soon the word spread of the magic powers of the Golden Fleece but none dared to try and steal it because of the dragon that never slept.  That is until the day Jason arrived in Colchis, where Medea, one of the daughters of Aeetes fell instantly in love with him.  She decided to help Jason by using a potion on the dragon that put it to sleep.  In return Jason agreed to marry her.  Jason retrieved the Golden Fleece and returned to king Pelias to reclaim his birthright as king of Iolcus. 

We named our company after Phrixus in honor of his virtue, wisdom and bravery.

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